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Just Economic Policy

Dear Friends,

Present circumstances in our Society & Nation are so serious that no one can overlook it. Every Educated Person feels himself involved in all the incidents occurring since last 2 years in our country. Team Anna & Baba Ramdev are continuously opposing the policies of the Government on corruption & Black Money. They are also raising the issue of System Change. A huge crowd is supporting them although they both are sometimes running their moments together but sometimes they look to be against each other. Political Parties are getting combined with each other on the matter. Sometimes, they are also looking to be against each other. A very critical position of country is being seen by other intellectual people, who are looking to be neutral. They are just seeing the whole scenario but they are unable to take any decision to support or oppose these Movements run by Team Anna & Baba Ramdev. Some people who are getting any personal benefits from Political Parties, they are supporting these parties even after knowing the facts of their failure to rule the Country in a just way.

In fact, our Nation is suffering from the failure of our Economy. The Economic Policy of the Government has not been up to the point of Justice. Nyaya Dharm Sabha is working to establish the Justice in Society & Nation. Therefore, its efforts are concerned with above matter. In this regard, Nyaya Dharm Sabha has sent a letter to Team Anna & Baba Ramdev explaining the true & real solutions of the problems. The letter is self explanatory so we are attaching here with that letter for your perusal. You all are requested to go through with seriously and take proper decision to solve the Social & National Problems :

Letter to Team Anna & Baba Ramdev


Digital Currency System


The Universal Public,

 Subject   :   Implementation of Digital Currency System.

 Dear Friends,

Now the time has come to live in an Electronic Age. This is an Era which is getting changed by itself through the efforts of human being. The humanity has got developed itself and reached at such a place where the darkness, badness, evilness & any negative thing against humanity can’t exist.

Vastu-Vinimaya System has been replaced by Metal Currency System, And the Metal currency has approximately been replaced by Paper Currency System.  Now the Digital Currency System will itself replace the Paper Currency System. And its reason is the Development of Humanity. In fact, a developed human Society can’t accept the inconvenient things. The Human by its Mental Approach tries to solve his  Problems & Difficulties of life to live conveniently. The human can’t live like a Wild Animal. If the Education may develop his  mind, he starts to think & do accordingly. His mental approach gives him New Ideas to live better in the world & to renovate the things upto its peak. The human mind & conscience always try to purify his  Nature & Natural surroundings.  Haman always makes efforts to change the Nature by his  innovated Culture. Human tries to cut & set his natural hares to look beautiful, and this human effort is called Culture. Human tries to change the things till the equilibrium comes. which is the most purified stage of the Thing.

Now the Education has developed the Mental approach & Conscience  of human being. And humanity has started its journey of better cultural living over the Natural wildlife. The wildness can’t be suitable & acceptable to humanity. From the last 300 years of History of humanity has changed everything. Every corner of life has been effected by the cultural reforms. The Nature has been overtaken by the Culture. The Wildness has been denied by the developing humanity. And day by day it is getting improved. The food, the dress, the house, and the vehicle everything is getting & getting improvement & purification, to become more & more convenient for the life. The Human Society has got a great difference with the Wild Society. It has left that wildness miles back & came forward in its new form. And this newness is getting renovated daily, updates are going on. We have come now at such a place whether the Justice is possible to be established.  Humanity can’t live without The Religion of Justice. And now this Justice will get implemented itself. No mentally developed person can avoid the Justice. And no mindless Animal can accept the Justice. Because the Justice is an Invention of Mind. Every mentally developed intelligent man can understand the importance of justice in human life. Only this Justice can make the difference between Wildlife &  Human life. Without Justice we all remain to live as Wild Animal, and our Society or Nation remain to be a Jungle. Therefore, to become Social we require the Religion  or Constitution of Justice. A Just Economy can create the human Society & Nation. A Just Monetary Policy is the back bone of a Just Economy.

A written Monetary Transaction can implement the Just Economy. Because it stops the Monetary Crimes. No Crimes can be justified as Legal or Social.  As Human Society is the Crimeless Civilization. Crime is the Symbol of Wildness. No human can be a Criminal. And in 99% Criminal Cases the Money is being found involved.  So, if the Transaction of money can be made Transparent, the Crimes will be stopped maximum.  It is very easy & feasible to control the Monetary Crimes through Monetary Policy. A Pure & Just Monetary Policy can control all the Monetary Crimes. Why to allow anybody to do crime first & then to inspect & penalize him. Actually the System of A Human Nation or Society requires to be Crimeless. Therefore, it is better to improve our System and not to penalize the People. No person can do criminal activities in a Just National System.

The Crimeless Digital Currency can be operated through the two ways – General & Electronic. If possible the Electronic way is more easy to run. In fact to operate the National Currency, in a written mode, is called Digital Currency System. Today in an Electronic Age, we can adopt this Digital Currency System & also we can operate it through Electronic way easily, as the Mobile & Internet Services have been spread over vastly. Maximum people are using the facility all over the world, and it is spreading everywhere day by day. Very soon, everyone will enjoy this facility easily. So we can adopt the electronic way of operating the Digital Currency.

This is very easy, safe  & non-expensive mode of Currency Operation. No cost of Paper, Printing, carrying, counting, and no loss by losing, stealing, looting, cheating etc. As it has no Physical Existence, so there is no risk involved in it. The Digital Currency System is based on Written Transaction, so it completely controls the Corruption, Black Money, Fake Money, Tax Stealing & other Monetary Crimes itself. And if the System itself becomes crimeless, why to make the Crime Control bills to penalize the people wildly.

If the System of Digital Currency is being adopted by the Government, there will not be any need to Pass the Lokpal Vidheyak, Investigation of CBI or other Agencies which are very expensive, and are heavy burden on the National Economy. The Public Fund should not be expended on such non-useful things. All the National Funds are the Public Fund, because these are made by the Revenues & Taxes collected from the Public. Every Citizen of Nation is paying Taxes, whether Directly or Indirectly. So Every Citizen has Equal Right on the National Fund. Being Public property the National Fund can only be used for the Public Interests. And there are only four types of Public Interests which can be prescribed justly. These all four Interests may be called as Public Rights in a Nation. And these Public Rights may be named as Education, Employment, Accommodation, and Protection.

The complete National Fund can be saved from being misused by Criminals through  Corruption, Black money, Fake Currency & Tax Stealing etc, if we may adopt Digital Currency System in the Nation. And this well saved National Fund (Rajkosh) may be utilized to serve the Public to make available their Rights known as Education, Employment, Accommodation, and Protection. This is also to be prescribed  as  Duty & Responsibility of a Just National Government to serve the Public in above four ways.

Please Be sure, ‘The New Era of Justice’ is nearing to you. Educated People can not avoid the Justice. And Education has been spread up universally. Everyone is now aware of its Right. The Scientific Inventions like TV, Computer, Mobile, Newspapers, Magazines, Books and many things have made & continuously making aware the public. No public can be cheated by the Bad persons, whether they are Politicians or Criminals or Spiritualists….. Nobody can cheat the Public now.

We call the Educated & Literate persons to participate in the Movement to establish the Justice,  run by Nyaya Dharm Sabha, Haridwar. Please remember that Economical Justice is the Basic Thing to be implemented in the Nation. Our Economy should be based on Justice. And Monetary Policy is the Fundamental thing of Economical Justice. And A Just Monetary Policy needs a Transparent Monetary Transaction System in the Nation. Only Digital Currency System can fulfill this requirement of National Monetary Policy. This Digital Currency System is a complete Transparent System, which can control all the Monetary Crimes like Corruption, Black Money, Fake Currency, Tax Stealing and other Crimes. These all Monetary Crimes are the basic problems  of our National Economy, and these can be completely controlled & removed  by the Digital Currency System very easily & immediately with effect from its implementation.

We are just  required to make a positive effort to get it implemented in our Nation, howsoever it may be possible. Nyaya Dharm Sabha, Haridwar is working on this matter. you can join this Campaign. We should vote & support to those Parties who are ready to sign  the Stamp Paper by committing the promise that they will immediately implement the Digital Currency System on the very first day of joining the Parliament. And if they get failed to do so, they will have to resign from Parliament & come back to their homes. On the breach of this contract the Members of Nyaya Dharm Sabha will have all the Rights to lodge an appeal against them in the Court of Law, and they will have to leave their Membership of National Parliament due to committing the crime of cheating the Public. So the Members of Nyaya Dharm Sabha will cast their Votes only on this condition to any of the Candidate who is ready to sign an Agreement with our Voter Members of Nyaya Dharm Sabha.

And the Membership of Nyaya Dharm Sabha will also be available on the same Conditions that our members will cast their Votes Unanimously to those Candidates itself and it will be prior understood that their Votes will  meant to be casted only in favour of  those Candidates in the  National Elections, who have signed an Agreement prior with Nyaya Dharm Sabha. This Open Voting System will be adopted by Nyaya Dharm  Sabha to avoid the false voting & Booth capturing by the Criminal Candidates or their Parties.

Please join us, and have a Just membership of a just Organization.

Thanking you,

Sincerely Yours

Nyaya Dharm Sabha, Haridwar.

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