The True & Real Justice for Society & Nation

Just Economic Policy

Dear Friends,

Present circumstances in our Society & Nation are so serious that no one can overlook it. Every Educated Person feels himself involved in all the incidents occurring since last 2 years in our country. Team Anna & Baba Ramdev are continuously opposing the policies of the Government on corruption & Black Money. They are also raising the issue of System Change. A huge crowd is supporting them although they both are sometimes running their moments together but sometimes they look to be against each other. Political Parties are getting combined with each other on the matter. Sometimes, they are also looking to be against each other. A very critical position of country is being seen by other intellectual people, who are looking to be neutral. They are just seeing the whole scenario but they are unable to take any decision to support or oppose these Movements run by Team Anna & Baba Ramdev. Some people who are getting any personal benefits from Political Parties, they are supporting these parties even after knowing the facts of their failure to rule the Country in a just way.

In fact, our Nation is suffering from the failure of our Economy. The Economic Policy of the Government has not been up to the point of Justice. Nyaya Dharm Sabha is working to establish the Justice in Society & Nation. Therefore, its efforts are concerned with above matter. In this regard, Nyaya Dharm Sabha has sent a letter to Team Anna & Baba Ramdev explaining the true & real solutions of the problems. The letter is self explanatory so we are attaching here with that letter for your perusal. You all are requested to go through with seriously and take proper decision to solve the Social & National Problems :

Letter to Team Anna & Baba Ramdev


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