The True & Real Justice for Society & Nation


Founder & Leader of Nyaya Dharm Sabha

We are running the Campaign to establish the  True & Real  Religion based on Philosophic & Scientific Vision which prescribes the four dimensions of Eternal & Universal Religion as Truth, Love, Justice & Goodness. For the purpose, we have established an organization ‘Dharm Sansthapak Sangh’ in haridwar.

Nyaya Dharm Sabha is a unit of Dharm Sansthapak Sangh, haridwar. This unit has been established to work for Justice in Society & Nation, to remove the wildness and to develop the Humanity.

Nyaya Dharm Sabha has started its working since 1999 but officially, it has started a Referendum Campaign in Dec 25, 2005 to know the Public Opinion about the National Justice. On the issue of four Public  Rights prescribed by the Principal of Justice, we had made a Great Survey on a Prescribed Format in many Cities of the Country and more than 99% People are agreed with the issue.  A written & signed consent has been given by Public openly.

On 20th March 2011, we had also launched a Campaign to establish the ‘Universal Nation’ based on the Principle of Justice to remove the  International Rivalry & War.

In the year 2010, a System of Digital Currency has been prescribed by us and on 15th Aug, 2012, a letter has been sent to Prime Minister of India along with the 12 more Important Persons requesting them to launch the Digital Currency in the Nation to remove the Corruption, Black Money, Fake currency, Tax Stealing  and other Monetary Crimes in the Nation.

The Campaign of implementing the Digital Currency System in the Nation in place of Metal & Paper Currency to remove all the Monetary Crimes easily and early.

We are also going to launch other Monetary Policies in near future to remove the Capital Crises and Monetary Exploitation in the Country.

We are also ready to launch just Fiscal & Property Policies in the Nation.


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